last stop - Oliver's Room

so here we are...the last stop on the tour of our new home...Oliver's room.
i love his room, it's fun and has some character to it.
i have a ton of ideas for it...but before i go into all the ideas i have..
let's take a look at what it used to look like.
white walls, ceiling fan, ugly carpet and polished brass knobs.

the fun part about his room is the two closets.
 i was excited about this because it meant that one could be used for clothes
and the other could be turned into a...
 "magical" space. :)
the clothes closet was easy, the right one was just your standard closet...done..check.
but the left one..
was different.
 the left side of the left closet (got that?) was deeper! my mind started to explode with ideas!
reading, toys, a small light, maybe a fun banner, art....
to the left of the closets is a solid wall. this wall jets out about 12" from the room's entry.
this is the entry to the room as well as a small door that leads to Oliver's attic. just like the office across the hall, this attic runs the length of the room and is nice because we get to store
 all of Oliver's old clothes, toys and furniture.
i love the ceilings in the upstairs rooms and how they make the room more whymsical.
the view isn't spectacular though..it looks out onto our next door neighbor.
oh well..can't have everything right?
the carpet was removed as well as the baseboards.
we had the ceiling fan taken down and replaced with a new fixture and all the cover plates, outlets and switches were swapped out with nice white ones.
Oliver and b in the "magic" closet. :)
the room was given new hardwood floors.
a nice coat of paint was put on everything. 
ready for move in!
here is a close up of the fixture. you can read all about the light fixture here.
so as you can see, not a lot had to be done to this room just basic finishes.
i do have some fun ideas for Oliver's space and i can't wait to share them with you!
until then, here are a couple snippets of his room now. :)
this is a "project" of mine...a new lamp for O's dresser. :)
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