from two to three just like that...

it's hard to put into words what i am feeling today.
my beautiful boy is now a three year old.
it's crazy how fast the year has gone.
and how much has changed.

last year at this time, Oliver was speaking only a handful of words, he was wanting to know what everything and anything was. he was very frustrated with his surroundings and i think communication was something that he so badly wanted.

he was learning to trust us and was showing little affection towards anyone.
as i think back, he still had so much baby in him.
he would cry a lot. he would scream and throw fits.
at the time, i thought i would loose my mind. ;)
he was so frustrated and upset.

i remember being so afraid to take him any where because he would just walk off without looking back.
he had no idea who we really were or what was going on.

he was also very guarded and was very slowly showing us his true personality.

my sweet boy.

it makes me sad to think of those tough months.

12 months later,
our little boy is the star of our family.
 he is happy and bubbly and easy going.
he loves to eat.
 he has his favorites but we can take him to any restaurant and he will eat what we are eating.
he loves to play but will stop and find out what we are doing.
he likes to sing and will sing while he plays.
he doesn't mind sharing his toys with others and loves a good play date. :)
he loves to talk. seriously loves it. he loves to learn new words and will talk to himself.
his vocabulary is amazing.
i never ever thought he'd be saying as many words as he does today.
he's seriously a little sponge. i tell him a word once or twice and he's good to go.
he's a goof ball and will laugh at himself.
 his smile is contagious.
he has the sweetest side to him and will try to protect the people he loves.
he enjoys books...a lot.
he looks at books in his room and in the car
and he loves to be read to.
my favorite.
he gives us hugs and kisses (when asked).
he will also ask us to give him a hug or kiss and really likes for us to hold him.
"please hold you."
he doesn't like strangers too much.
he can be very shy and some times stand off-ish.
the ladies at the grocery store do not like this. :)
he does take some time to warm up to friends and family but when he does...you are in his special circle.
when ever we go places, he wants to know where we are.
he adores swings and parks and walks.
 he loves to "be" a big boy and is the best helper.
i now have two boys who love music.
they are two peas in a pod.
pretty much every day i hear from the back of the car -
"music please."
that means turn it up mom. ;)
he dances and really likes for me and b to dance with him.

i could go on and on about our boy.

i feel so blessed to be this little boy's momma!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet boy!!

i love you to the moon and back!

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