tater tot thursday

Oliver's first time sitting with all the other kiddos. Such a big boy!! :)
every week we look forward to going to our local bookstore for Story Time. 
it's a lot of fun, there are tons of kiddos and moms/nannies (some times a dad or two) and 
of course lots of books. 

now that we live closer, O and i walk to story time. 
i try to get there about 15 minutes early so that we can browse the new books and
most of the time, O loves to play at the train table. 

we've been going to Story Time for almost a year now and each time we go, Oliver gets excited. 
during Story Time, O will plop down right in front of me so that his back is resting on my legs and he will snack on his bunny crackers and drink while listening to 5 or 6 stories. 

i really enjoy our Story Time because Oliver and i both love books. 
i read to him every afternoon before nap and b reads to him every night before bed. 
in between, you can catch O skimming through his book collection looking and "reading" his books. 

 i have bought quite a number of books from our bookstore because Oliver has taken such an interest in them and personally i love to read to him. i will say, i get bored with books. after a couple months of the same books, i am ready for a new batch.

i try to take note to the books that Oliver perks up for during Story Time.
there have been a couple recently that i would like to add to our collection or should i say O's collection..will need to think about that.  

Mustache Baby has adorable illustrations and the story is pretty darn funny.
i mean come on..a baby with a mustache?

 this one has to be my new favorite.
  The Day the Crayons Quit is hilarious. 
i love it! 
when this book was read at Story Time, the moms were all laughing out loud..you know it's good when the moms laugh! 

a silly book that just keeps getting sillier. 

Oliver thinks this one is funny and has made references to it a couple times while we are eating tacos. :)

this is a great book! it's so cute with cutouts in the book that show you an eye 
and your little one can guess what animal is coming up next.
 there is also a sea and farm one that is just as cute!
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