snippets of my house

taking advantage of the much needed sunlight after days...and days of rain. i decided to snap some pictures of things i love that are placed through out my living room and kitchen.
after all these years, my wire chair.
needs a pillow though.
+ no longer available thru urban outfitters but you can get one like it here.
a mahogany console b and i picked up a long time ago in St. Louis, family photos
and a poster of Lake Michigan we picked up on our honeymoon.
+i'm slowly changing out my frames...picked up the chevron one from Target the other day.
matryoshka dolls in line.
+a gift from my older sister when she went to Russia to bring home her first daughter.
our first fireplace, ever, driftwood mirror and small trinkets.  
+driftwood mirror no longer available from West Elm.
+brass vase from Stanton
+stretched bird canvas picked up at last year's Country Living Fair.
one of my favorite pictures of me, my sisters and my pop at Brookfield Zoo.
our little message center conveniently hidden behind the refrigerator.
+anthro calender - no longer available - going to frame for art in 2014.
+driftwood box from my aunt Susie as housewarming gift
+ whale pencil holder (from b) via the beehive
my new vintage striped container with mr. moo.
+mr. moo from aunt Susie.
our cookie container which almost never has cookies and vintage milk bottles.
+ cookie container - old williams sonoma - similar here.
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