weekend recap

on Saturday, we went to a Korean Celebration that was at a local Korean church.
we had gone last year and really enjoyed it so we were excited about going back.
Esther who puts the event together every year does such an amazing job,
from the decorations, to the food to all the entertainment.
we started off with a little painting.
 i wasn't so sure about this but as i mentioned, Esther does an amazing job and thinks of it all.
there were little aprons for each of the little ones to wear while painting and i can honestly say,
there was not one drop of paint on either one of us after O was done with his masterpiece, which we got to keep. :)
there was a presentation that we all loved where these four beautiful ladies played the drums.
it was pretty amazing and kept O motionless the entire time.
my friend, Karen spoke about adoption and her trip to Korea...
she kind of made me tear up during her story about her son's foster parents.
it was so sweet.
after a delicious Korean/Italian meal, it was time to go.
the next morning, we woke up to the most wonderful weather yet.
it was the absolute perfect day.
sunny, breezy, not to warm...not too cool.
we decided to take a walk around our neighborhood that ended up lasting a little over an hour.
towards the end of our walk, we let O get out of his stroller and that's when he asked me to run. ???
not sure where that came from but we both "ran"...for two blocks.
 i can still hear O's giggle.
he thought it was so funny when i ran.
seeing these pictures reminds me of how fast our little guy is growing and how much of a big boy he's turning into.
we ended the weekend with church and sushi.
what a great weekend!
how was yours?
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