tator tot thursday

Tater Tot Thursday is dedicated to my little tt.

it's a nickname that my Aunt Susie gave Oliver. isn't it catchy?

i think it's adorable.

so each Thursday, i am going to share something that relates to my little tt...

and it might just relate to yours too!
yesterday, our little tator tot started preschool!
i woke up early to get ready thinking i would have just a half an hour to do my thing.
 O is typically up by 7:00 but yesterday, he decided to sleep in.
shock right...doesn't this happen to all parents when they need their kiddo up at a certain time?
b had to wake him up so that we could get him ready by 7:30.
once he was ready (new shoes & new shirt he helped pick out),
 we took some pictures (above and below)....
and i made him an egg and toast breakfast (his favorite).
since we are walking him into school the first few days (next week starts carpool!),
 we left extra early to get a parking spot.
good thing..traffic was crazy.
the day was overcast and a little drizzly (did not help traffic move any faster).
 we got a parking spot right next to a new mom i had met on Saturday.
at the time we didn't know it until she stepped out of her car.
 she had her son, Will who is also in O's classroom and her younger daughter with her.
O and Will quickly took interest in each other. it was sweet!
all six of us walked toward the school. my thoughts as we were walking was that O had
made his first new friend. :)
as we entered the school, O was holding my hand but let go just so he could clap his hands then quickly grabbed my hand.
i had been praying all morning that his transition would go well and this was a sign that made my nervousness instantly go away.
we walked down the two flights of stairs to his classroom and greeted one of his teachers.
i had put together a little gift of neon colored highlighters, stickers and post it notes along with this printable tag.
 i gave it to Oliver as soon as we got downstairs and he walked up to one of his teachers and handed it to her. she looked surprised to get it, said thank you and then gave O a hug. :)
we walked into his room and he let go of my hand and said "Thanks!" and walked off.
he was drawn to the train table. we talked to his teachers for a couple minutes then gave O a kiss goodbye, told him we'd be back after school to pick him up and left.  
he kept playing.
b and i walked to bucks which was just a block away to get some drinks and came back to attend the bookfair. after we bought a handful of books (i'm an addict!), we walked over to one of the rooms where some parents were gathered and sat down. we ended up talking to quite a number of parents and before we knew it, it was time to go down to O's classroom and pick him up.
as i was walking down the stairs, i wondered if he was ready for us to come back but as we entered the classroom, it was apparent he was not. ha! he was playing with the kitchenette and didn't even look up when we walked towards him. he said goodbye to his teachers and his buddy Will and anyone else who heard his belt out "bye!".
the first day went so much better then i thought it would go. i am curious to see how tomorrow goes but hoping it's just as smooth as yesterday.
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