a magic closet

Tater Tot Thursday is dedicated to my little tt.
it's a nickname that my Aunt Susie gave Oliver. isn't it catchy?
i think it's adorable.
so each Thursday, i am going to share something that relates to my little tt...
and it might just relate to yours too! 
you might remember from the two closets i talked about in the post i did on Oliver's room here.
the right was going to be used as a traditional closet with a shelf, bar and a dresser to house all his clothes...and the left side was going to be turned into a "Magic" Closet.
well i've been putting together ideas on how i want that closet to look and actually
already kinda started the project.
this was how it looked before we moved in...
since this picture, we've painted the entire room, added wood floors and changed out the door hardware (hinges and knobs).
as you can see the shelf and rod are in bad condition.
they were old...really old.
so i took the extremely long top shelf down along with the really old hanging bar and in return was left with areas that needed patching.
no biggie. this helped me to really see the space.
as you can see, the closet is quite long and narrow but big enough for a little
boy to sit down and read.
right now we have some of his larger toys stored in the closet along
with his "special" books (non board books), puzzles and a container of baby items.
not too exciting huh?
you can see the ceiling in the closet angles which i think adds appeal to the closet.
and the right side of the closet is shallower then the left. 
so my idea is to make this a little play nook where he can read and hide out.
after i removed the shelf and bar, i did a little sketch with dimensions to figure out what could be done. i also knew that b would want to see my ideas on paper rather then me just describing them to him. so as soon as i started to talk to b about this project, he asked me for a sketch...
i'm one step ahead of you my b. ;)
this is what i put together...a quick drawing of little diagrams.
the upper left diagram is the closet, the left side is deeper which allows us room for a chair or ottoman or even a beanbag and some deeper shelves for bigger toys and puzzles.
the right side is shallower which we will add shelves from the floor to the ceiling to maximize the toy/book storage.
the long wall will have two book ledges for our
 newest (and most favorite) books.
 i don't just want to paint the walls, i think i might want to add some fun decals,
maybe in a bright teal color...
i really like these plus sign decals...

and these little stars...
but i kind of feel like everyone's doing this particular one
so i think i am going to have to pass. 
 the big stars are fun and i think would add some whimsy to O's walls without being too busy.
(all decals from an etsy shop called urban walls.)
i could always do stripes. who doesn't love stripes?
it would be fun to do the long wall and ceiling in a stripe pattern.
i do plan to re-use this banner from O's birthday party and hang it in this space. 
i might add the star banner from this picture as well. could be really cute..or just too much! 
i love book ledges like the picture above and the one below because i really love seeing the front of the books. when they are displayed this way, the illustrations add so much to wall. 
since the closet doesn't have any lighting and can be dark when you close the doors, i am looking into some battery operated lights. so far my search has come up with this...
but honestly, i haven't looked too hard so i am hoping to find something a little less basic. if i can't find anything that i like in the battery powered section, then i will think of a different approach. maybe stringed lights...we will see!
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