mid-week links

i love when the blogs i read post links to things they thought were interesting.
i find things all the time but don't always want to make a blog post about just one item so i end up
adding them to my favorites and then forgetting about them.
so i thought i'd share a couple things i found this past week that i think are pretty darn cool.
<< so in love with Sarah's newest quote (and handwriting) that will go into next year's
 Cranny calender.
i seriously can't get it out of my head. it's on repeat because it's so darn true! >>

<< Danielle Oakey created a short and sweet furniture shopping guide for those who have
tight budgets...like mine. >>
<< i am a project runway fan so i was excited to read THIS interview on Etsy. >>
<<  these pillows are amazing and would look fantastic anywhere! >>
<< 9 foods for amazing skin..need i say more?
well + good nyc is one to bookmark! >>
<< my son says "I can't." a lot. i really don't know where he got that from but it makes me worry.
a friend of mine pinned this video and i can't wait to share it with O! >>
<< this shift dress  and this bag are on my wish i had it list. >>

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