weekend recap

- Decatur Book Fesitval to see Doreen Cronin & Betsy Lewins.
you can read more about them here.
great time. loved seeing them and getting O's book signed but wished we would have had more time to enjoy the rest of the festival..oh well...next year.
- dropped by a job site to check on some cabinetry that was being installed.
- that night, got to experience MAR for the first time with some girl friends.
one word - yum!
we had such a great time and plan to go back.
- my sweet sweet girl, Arden turned 9.
my heart aches a little knowing she's now in the geriatric bracket.
- i ran back over to the same job site to see even more cabinetry being installed.
i get giddy and nervous at the same time when it's install time.
 i'll share some more snippets of this project later this week.
- our friends, Susan and Michael came over with their two little ones for dinner.
- while we had some ice cream, we also gave Arden a special treat to celebrate her birthday. :)
Monday: Labor Day
- we woke up late. enjoyed a quiet morning. went to Starbucks.
- organized the guest closet and worked on O's Magic Closet.
a simple and lazy day. we needed it.
so there you have it...
hope you had a wonderful 3 day weekend!
Happy Tuesday! :)

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