mid-week links

i love when the blogs i read post links to things they thought were interesting.
i find things all the time but don't always want to make a blog post about just one item so i end up
adding them to my favorites and then forgetting about them.
so i thought i'd share a couple things i found this past week that i think are pretty darn cool.
Oh Joy's new studio!
<< oh joy's new studio. amazing! you need to check it out. >>
<< i want this print framed and in my house. >>
<< pinned a ton of fall wreath ideas for the front door. >>
<< a new favorite site, domaine. >>
<< Lesley's husband built the most amazing stair gate! >>
<< seriously want this feather pack for my mantel. >>
<< these kitchen updates would be perfect for my own kitchen. >>
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