tator tot thursday

Tater Tot Thursday is dedicated to my little tt.
it's a nickname that my Aunt Susie gave Oliver. isn't it catchy?
i think it's adorable.
so each Thursday, i am going to share something that relates to my little tt...
and it might just relate to yours too!

14 months ago, my Dad met Oliver for the first time.
only three months after Oliver came home,
we took him up to Indiana so that he could meet our families. 
during that week long visit, we had one day alone with my Dad
(before my sisters and the other six grand kids arrived.).
on that day, we decided to take Oliver to the beach that b and i grew up going to.
 we asked my Dad to join us so that he could be apart of the special trip.
 it was Oliver's first beach experience and he loved it!
during this visit, Oliver reached up to my Dad and held his hand and after awhile,
Oliver asked him to hold him
(at the time he wasn't really speaking so it was more of a gesture and maybe "Up".).
besides Ben's Dad, this was the only other person to hold him during that trip.
Oliver didn't ask anyone else.
 that of course created a special memory for me because my Dad means the world to me.
today, Oliver will get to see my Dad again for the first time this year.
i am looking forward to these two creating new memories and
 hopefully i can catch a couple of them with my camera.  
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