sign me up...

after months of talk, b and i finally signed up to get fresh local fruits and veggies.


the fruits and vegetables are all pulled directly from local farms, placed in a large tupperware bin and delivered right to our doorstep every week . love that i don't have to go every week to the store for these items! what i really like about the company that we are using is that they offer options. 
every week, we are sent an e-mail letting us know what will be in our next bin. 
if there is something that we would rather not have, for example cauliflower (not a big fan..i know..i know..i should still eat it.), there is a pull down menu that gives you other options so that you can swap the cauliflower out for something you'd rather have like kale or grapes or limes. 

not only are we eating better, this has also helped me to create an actual meal plan each week.
that is something i never did. sad right? 
each week, we get the list of items in our next bin at least five days before it's delivered, this allows me time to tart planning what we will use all the items for. 
i feel so much more organized with dinners now. it's such a nice feeling all the way around.

if you are local to Atlanta...check out Fresh Harvest
they may deliver to your area. 
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