mid-week links

via NY Times
 << this amazing home is in my neighborhood. I seriously die every time I walk past it.
it's one of those homes that you walk reaaaally slow by and almost trip on the dip in the sidewalk because you are soaking in all the beautiful details of the house.  it's such a gem.
I have to say, these pictures are beautiful but seeing it in person really gives you a better sense of why they call it the "Gnome Home". >>
<< a really cute fall craft for kids. >>
<< we love kale in our household, so I always love seeing other ways to eat it >>
<< speaking of Kale, i pinned this soup that I am dying to try! >>
<< crushing on this rug and this rug....the last one would look perfect in my foyer. >>
<< all these closet ideas make me dream about our future closet redo. >>
<< found a new print shop, loving  this, this, this and this! >>
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