weekend recap

current door - stained.

last week, my good friend Kris e-mailed me and asked me to help her select a new front door color.
of course I jumped at the chance to help her, she's my friend after all.
 the only problem was she lives in Seattle and I live in Atlanta, so running
over with a couple paint decks wasn't an option.
so I asked her to send me photos of the front of the house and let me know the current exterior colors.
she took this picture for me even though it was raining. :) aren't those roses beautiful??
the house was painted by the previous owners so we needed to work with the light green color. 
she had some spare paint in the garage so she took a picture of the can information and sent it to me. after doing a search, I realized I would have to do a little leg work to find the actual paint name and/or brand. the can she had was from Sherwin Williams but it was a custom match.

after a little searching and some texting back and forth, we concluded the color was a Behr color called Mountain Haze. that meant I would need to go to Home Depot to get an actual sample.
this weekend, I did just that. while I was there, I picked up some swatches of colors I thought would make her front door pop.
Since her exterior is a light green, I picked up a bunch of darker/richer colors for her front door. this will ensure that the door stands out against the light green, but in a cohesive way. 
the colors I selected were ones I felt she would like, 
darker greens, a couple deep purples, rich blue-greens and a mustard-ish yellow.
I like to give clients (and friends) options. I am sending the samples out to her this week with little notes on which ones I really like so hopefully there is one in the bunch that she loves. 
once she paints her door, hopefully she will send me a picture (she will. :)) 
and I'll share with you which one she chose. 
over the weekend, I went to visit my client's project (the one I spoke about on Friday, project "big house".) to make sure things were being installed correctly. the kitchen countertops went in on Saturday and I can't tell you how giddy my client and I were! we just started walking around the house talking about all the things we had worked on for the past year and there was this sense of excitement about the project finally coming to this point. I was so excited, I told b all about the progress of the house and really wanted him to see it.
so on Sunday, I took my boys to see the house. what was so sweet was that my client and her husband came over to give b a grand tour. O didn't care too much about the house, he just loved seeing the digger and front loader and of course all the things that make him dirty. boys! :)
I didn't take any pictures while I was there except this one of the kitchen.
it's not the best picture but it gives you an idea. I am in love with the kitchen and seriously can't wait to see the rest of this room finished.
the whole house is amazing and it makes me so proud.
 after the house tour, b and I decided to go home and do this...
we turned our living room up side down. ha!
more pictures on this tomorrow.
we also decided to get out our fall décor.
via instagram
I've had this pumpkin for a couple years now and I have to say, having a little sparkle in my kitchen always makes me so happy. I am waiting to put the rest of the decorations out tomorrow...
after all it is...
hope you all had a great weekend!!  

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