anniversary gift

Last week, b and I celebrated a big anniversary, Twenty years. 
We racked our brains for days on what to get each other and in the end I suggested we get new dishes. 
It's not really something I ever thought we'd get for an anniversary but we had been talking since the first of the year about getting new dishes and honestly our old ones were getting chipped and dated. 
They were after all 13 years old. So I started browsing online for options and ultimately decided that 
Crate and Barrel had what we would want. Last weekend, we went to our local store and picked out our new dishes and ended up adding glasses to the gift.

 We chose these glasses, this dinnerware collection and decided we just couldn't walk out of the store without four of these bar glasses

We didn't waste time packing up the old and washing the new. Little did we know that what we bought for our anniversary was an old tradition. :)


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