mid-week links

<< the details in Vincent Kartheiser's home are amazing. >>

<< if you know me, then you know I love grey...so of course I have to share these
 14 shades of gray you can use for a kitchen. >>

<< i've talked about it over and over again here on my blog...i want some wallpaper in our new house. finding the perfect one can be hard that's why i was really excited when if found this site. there are so many to look at, makes it easier to narrow down a choice. they also have window treatments! >>

<<ooo...i want this necklace. >>

<< love the photobooth idea that Little Green Notebook created for her holiday cards. got me thinking about my own cards..yikes! >>

<< loving the details in this small kitchen. the tile, the range, the hanging accessory bar, the knobs...>>

<< over the weekend, i took advantage of the online sales that jcrew factory and the loft were having. i picked up these boots in brown, a stripe tee, these flats in cabernet, this fun colorblocked tunic, a flannel button down and this polka dot popover i've been eyeing. >>
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