change of plans..

in order for me to tell you about this picture and what we did to the living room this weekend, I have to rewind and show you how the living room looked prior to the mess.
this is what the living room looked like from the foyer, as you can see we have a large spans of wall which luckily is broken up by the fireplace. the natural thing was to put the tv on the left side of the fireplace because that is where the only cable wire was. all the furniture is from our previous house so when we moved in, we made it work the best we could.
the thing that bothered me was the amount of wall that you were greeted with every time you entered the living room from both the entry hall and the dining room.
Don't get me wrong, I love my Gray Owl walls but this was depressing to me.
I also hated seeing this every single time I entered the room.
this desk worked in the last house but clearly it does not work here.
seeing the sub woofer and wires and the big black box (aka: tv) started to drive me crazy.
to the left of the living room opening from the entry hall is a solid wall that at first I thought these bookcases were perfect on. they looked great and there was a switch that controlled the lighting inside each cabinet. perfect right?
quick side note...you might recognize the curtains from this post.
yeah, well we got the curtains last week that were originally for Oliver's room and when I opened them (We had to order them online at the store since they did not have them in stock.), I was a little surprised that the background was more of a taupe then a white. when I took them up to his room, I immediately did not like how they looked. They were too grown up for his room so we brought them downstairs and decided they were perfect for the living room.
I love when that happens.
they actually are pretty darn perfect for this room.
the color and pattern is seriously something this room needed and once they were hung,
I smiled.
so what did we do to the furniture arrangement?
well the first thing we had to figure out was, if it was even possible to move the cable wire across the room without having to step over it every day.
the only way to know was to look in the crawl space.
this was b's job.
he made sure we had ample amount of wire to move and the location of the new hole was accessible. 
surprisingly, everything checked out good.
now we just needed to move things, oh and drill a hole in our new wood floors in the correct locations without  messing it up.
so the idea was to move the white bookcases to the fireplace wall but split them up so that there was one on each side of the fireplace. then move the tv console to the wall where the bookcases once lived.
b and I successfully moved both bookcases without scratching the floors. the next step is where I have to admit, I started to sweat a bit.
b went under the house and we did a series of knocking. he would knock from under the floor and I would knock on the floor where the whole should be.
this is where the hole ended up.
it would have been better if it was more in the corner but
we couldn't move it back any farther because of a beam, so this had to do and that was fine with me.
the result, well I need to take some new pictures but I am pleased as punch with the new layout.
I will say, we definitely need artwork, lamps and the distant thought of a new tv console just turned into a "need" item for the living room. :)
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