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southern grace
Phew...this week has been a doozy...does anyone say that anymore?
Apart from being a full time momma, I decided to take a part time position with a local company.
I can't really talk about it just yet because we are still working out the details but hopefully in the next month or two I can let the cat out of the bag. Let's just say, it's something I've never done before and have been saying many prayers to guide me through all the newness of it all. 
the good news is it shouldn't take any time away from Oliver.
Oh and as if that wasn't enough, I picked up a new project, a kitchen remodel, heavy on the details.
We are talking, multiple ceiling heights, a fish tank, laundry area, window seat with dog cubby
and a detail that I'm excited about...
 a rolling ladder.
so I am a little ready for this weekend. I plan on taking O to this festival tomorrow so that we can get some fresh Fall air and maybe an ice cream sandwich or two.  On Sunday, my aunt and I will be attending a Noonday party that my friend, Bridgette is hosting.
So excited for this, I love the story behind Noonday and
can't wait to see all the amazing pieces of jewelry!
hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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