weekend recap

on Saturday, O and I ventured out to a local festival that was supposed to have an artist market, kid's area, food trucks, and live entertainment. I thought it would be fun for us to get out and soak up some festival fun along with some summer...I mean "fall" weather.
After all, we were a little down from not having seen b/Appa since Wednesday morning.
on Friday, I had read up on the kid's area to make sure it would be something O would like and knew that anything with balloons would make him happy. In addition to the balloons, there was going to be a face painting area and ice cream sandwiches, ah..sold! I talked it up to him all day Friday so that he'd be excited to go on Saturday.
We got to the festival a little after it opened and took a look around, the kids area wasn't really set up so we walked around looking at the craft tents. After about 20-25 minutes, we walked back to the kids area and unfortunately, there were no balloons, no face painting and no ice cream sandwiches. There were some tents set up but they didn't really scream "kids". I think there was one where you could color a piece of paper or something of that nature.
Luckily there was a reptile truck that O was really interested in. 
we walked through it twice and on the second time, he decided he wanted to touch a snake!
brave boy...this momma didn't want to have anything to do with it.
Even though he liked the reptiles, I could tell my little guy was getting bummed with the lack of "kid activities" and honestly it was breaking my heart. Here I had talked up this festival all day Friday and it kind of bombed. I felt bad, my little guy needed a pick me up. Thank goodness for King of Pops!
As you can tell from the picture above, that famous dimpled smile appeared after I gave him a strawberry popsicle, one that he specifically asked for. :)
b came home late Saturday night and on Sunday morning, he took O to get us some yummy donuts from our favorite place which also happens to sell a very delicious GF donut for me
(weekends only though).
Later that day, my aunt and I went to a Noonday trunk show that my friend Bridgette was hosting.
 Oh how I wish I would have taken pictures but honestly, I was too busy trying on all the beautiful necklaces and bracelets!
What I really enjoyed was learning the stories of each piece of jewelry. With Noonday, there are ambassadors who are considered the "voice and face" of the Noonday Collection. Paige Knudsen (who is also an amazing photographer and mother to four beautiful daughters!), was the ambassador at Bridgette's trunk show and she was such a joy to talk to. As we were looking around, she would tell us a little bit about each piece, where it was made, whether it was made from a special seed, paper or actual bullet casings. It really gave you a better understanding of how much goes into
 just one piece. I ended up getting a couple items, some for Christmas gifts but left thinking about
all the other items that if I could, I would have purchased.
here are a couple my aunt and I tried on and loved on....
a   b   c   d   e  f
Hope you all had a great one!

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