tator tot thursday

a couple week ago, I posted this pic on instagram and asked my friends if they knew what their little ones would be this Halloween. most of them knew, some had a couple ideas and others weren't sure yet.
I knew what Oliver wanted to be, either a robot, a striped monster or a panda bear.
those were his requests. they made me so happy...a robot? uh..i used to make a robot shirt. a striped monster? seriously so stinking cute! a panda bear? aww...my sweet boy would be so cute 
as a cuddly bear!
last year, his first Halloween, as a hedgehog. be still my heart.
so I searched and searched....and searched online for a cute monster outfit that didn't look like it was made out of shiny, bumpy fleece or a sweet panda that didn't resemble Kung Fu Panda and of course a robot that wasn't made out of foil and a cardboard box. ugh...nothing. 
my younger sister told me about a costume magazine that she had just received and gave me the website to check out. at first it looked promising but after going through all the pages of costumes, I was really unimpressed with the selection of boy costumes. if I had a little girl, I would have hit gold. I was so bummed...but I didn't stop looking.
I found a robot costume, it had potential. I showed it to b and mentioned that I think I could add some things to it to help "jazz" it up a bit. he agreed that it had potential but suggested we or I keep looking. I showed the costume to O and he liked it and said it was "funnnn-E".
 I continued my search some more and didn't come up with anything to top the "potential" robot.
 So we bought it and on Tuesday, we got it.
It's very well made but it really is quite boring. Let's just say it needs some fun details add to it .
I plan to work on it this weekend and give it some life.
I'll share more soon! :)
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