weekend recap

On Saturday, we went to the Country Living Fair. 
Oliver woke up super excited to go because he knew he was going to get a hot dog. huh? okay buddy. 
I snapped some pictures of things that I liked but unfortunately, they turned out blurry. This year we decided not to take the stroller because it's so crowded and having a stroller makes it incredibly frustrating to get in and out of booths. So I suggested we bring the ergo and I'd carry O on my back which brings me back to my blurry photos. Having a wiggle worm on my back makes taking decent pictures a little hard. 
So here are just a handful of shots we took while at the fair. 
b buying that vintage wheel on a stand. it is now sitting in our living room. 
it's blurry...but like the sign says..it's Happy! ;) Happy Chair's booth
O and I really liked the Between You and Me signs...
Oliver eyeing his hot dog. Makes me laugh every single time.
finishing the fair with some yummy chocolate ice cream. :) my poor guy is going to probably have to wax those brows one day....
On Sunday, we went for a walk in our neighborhood. The weather was beautiful. After our walk, we had a nice brunch then worked on the pumpkin. 
I was in charge of the "design" and b was in charge of the cutting. 
We couldn't find our pumpkin carving kit so I suggested to b that 
he use his drill to help with the cutting process. 
He thought it was a great idea. :)
O helped clean out the pumpkin and Arden supervised. She was also on clean up. 
Who knew, dogs like pumpkin? I didn't let her eat anything though. 
The little pieces made me think of worms. EWW!
I told b that it looked like connect the dots. 
By the way, if you ever need to get rid of your sharpie or pen marks after everything is all carved, use a magic eraser...works perfectly! 
and here is our pumpkin along with our other masked ones. 
The best part, eating the cooked seeds. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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