so...I didn't expect to miss yesterday's post but my Comcast internet
was on the mend and well it took all day to fix. gah!

can I just say...thank goodness it's Friday!
I had a meeting with a new client this morning that went really well and next week I plan to share some details on this project. I'm really excited about this project because it's a challenging one and as much as I love an easy project, I also really like a good challenge.

Tonight, b and I are going out to dinner to continue our celebration of 20 years together. We picked out a gift last weekend and I am so happy with it! I'll share with you all next week for sure! 

Oh and I'm excited about tomorrow....as I mentioned on IG...
we are going to the Country Living Fair!
I hope it's a good one this year! 
We go every year and last year was a little too hot for my fall loving taste. 
Lucky for us, tomorrow is supposed to be chilly which means
 I can wear my fall attire...scarves and boots!

Hope you all have a great weekend! 
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