friday foto

- the aftermath

O had a blast last night and so did we! This was our first Trick or Treat in our new neighborhood and it was straight out of a movie! There were so many kids and parents and houses decorated with music and lights. It was crazy but in a really great way. Complete opposite to our old neighborhood where we even wondered if there were people celebrating Halloween. 

We were so proud of our little guy. He went straight up to houses (with the help of b or myself) and would say the magic words (trick or treat) and then would kindly say "thank you" after a piece of candy was tossed into his pumpkin. I love a kid with good manners. O was also given many compliments for his "super cute robot" costume and told that he was the "best costume of the night" on a handful of occasions. :)

After we made our way around the (large) block, O let us know he was ready to go home. He carried his semi-full plastic pumpkin inside and immediately got worried that we would eat all his candy...
now how in the world did he hear about parents raiding their kid's candy bags?
With many promises of us not touching his loot, he happy went to bed.

Today after school, he was joyfully reunited with his sugary goodness.  
Now the problem is which piece to try first...

Have a great weekend! 
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