weekend recap

On Saturday, I had the house to myself...well not quite.
  Ardie was by my side the entire time but she made sure to catch up on some winks. my sweet girl. 
b gave me pretty much the whole day alone so that I could direct all my attention to my newest project. 
(I talked about it here.) Being a stay at home mom and having a job on the side has it's perks and it also has it's challenges. The biggest challenge that I think most moms would agree is finding time for everything. I do get a couple hours to myself on M W and F but they go super fast especially with O's school being a half an hour away. So I try to get as much drawing time in as possible. With this project and all of it's challenges, I don't want to miss a detail or not have thought it through before presenting to my client. So having most of Saturday to focus on just that was like heaven. 

That night, I got to meet some friends at Ammazza Edgewood for dinner and drinks. 
Being gluten free does have some down sides...like not being able to taste one of their yummy pizzas 
but I did get a pretty tasty salad. The best part was all the laughing we did. I almost lost my voice!
  Before the night was over, we all agreed that it would be great to get together again for dinner, sort of like a supper club. Whoot! The next place has already been selected! :) 
Sunday morning was beautiful, really a perfect day. We took O for a long walk (like 2+ hours) around our neighborhood. Taking in the breeze, sun and all the amazing Fall colors. 
I ended the weekend with this. Oh yeah..I got my hair chopped! It was (beyond) time. I was so tired of the length and the color and having to curl it every day. What I found out is that our new house has really hard water. After being in our new house for 5 months (crazy how fast it's gone!), it has seriously taken a tole on my poor hair. My stylist had to do a clarifying rinse in order to get some of the mineral deposits out but suggested that I keep a rinse in the shower. 
What a difference the rinse made! My shine was back...oh how I had missed my shine! 
Once I got home and showed off my new do, I told b that we needed a water softener, we agreed for now we would find a really good filtered shower head. :)

So how do I feel with shorter hair? Oh...I love it!!  
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