Keeping with the history...

 I mentioned that I met with a new client recently and that I might be able to use a Smeg refrigerator on this project! Eek! Can I just say, this really excites me. 
The house itself is amazing! It's a 1932 brick home that is just oozing with character. Think cottage with weeping mortar joints nestled in on a wooded lot with diamond paned windows. 
The client would like to move the kitchen to the other side of the house where it makes more sense. The current kitchen was renovated many years back and it's not in the best shape. There are also light fixtures that don't' belong, bookcases that were added that need to be removed and other simple cosmetics that need to be changed. I will be taking on the kitchen renovation/relocation as well as lighting, paint selections, their master bathroom, living room and den. The only stipulation they have is that we try to stay period "friendly" with the finishes 
(minus the paint and furniture). 
uh...no problem! :)

I told my client that I would send her some inspirational pictures for the kitchen to get ideas flowing.
She has mentioned that she would like to use some retro appliances to keep with the feel of the house. 

 Here are a couple pictures I sent her last week that she loved. 

We are waiting for architectural plans which should be done soon. So right now I am just concentrating on giving her ideas so that we can jump right in once we get the drawings. You can visit my pinterest folder for more inspirational pictures and retro appliance options I've pulled so far. 
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