making a list...

from Jones Design Company
Have you made a list yet?

So I have no problem giving ideas to family members for Oliver because well he's a kid and what kid doesn't want toys? Also I love to buy for him so that's a pretty easy list. When it comes to me though, that is a different story. For years, I have gone blank when anyone asks me what I would like for Christmas. Seriously I would forget anything I had thought of the months prior. Only to remember them after Christmas. Figures right? Well just like a ton of people out there, I made a folder on pinterest and on Etsy of items that I like. Now not every item I pin or heart is something that I can afford but honestly it's nice to have a "list" of items that I can pull from when people start asking for ideas. No more blank ideas.

Here are just a few items from my "lists"...

a. i love gray bags. it's kind of a problem but at least this has a dash of brown...right?

b. scarves...can never had enough scarves! i also love this one...

c. a clutch. something i don't have and could use for girls night out! this one is super cute too!

d. artwork for the studio. have lots of empty walls up there! more art here...

e. we have two mugs, really i do. i don't drink coffee. just tea and hot cocoa.
i am pretty picky about our mugs. this one would fit in nicely with the others.

f. a dash of color (red) and a pinch of sparkle. love this necklace..and this one...and this one.

g. a mutli-use make up stick in cheek to cheek. eyes- check, cheeks - check, lips -check.
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