the man in the red suit..awkward.

A couple weeks ago (yes, i said a couple), I took Oliver to our local mall to see Santa. 
We had been to the mall earlier that week and Oliver noticed that Santa was there so we had him wave to Santa that day. After that, Oliver kept asking when he could go see him so I thought I would beat the "holiday" crowd and go early. We got there when the mall opened and Oliver was beyond excited. He was giddy and kept asking "Where is Santa?", "When can I see him?" and "Is it my turn yet?". 
When it finally was his turn (there was a little girl in front of us who was too little to understand what was going on but just looked a little puzzled when sitting on Santa's lap.), Oliver decided he did not want to see Santa after all. I don't know if it was the reaction of the little girl that threw the whole excitement off or he realized how big Santa was or maybe it was the fact that Santa was NOT giving out candy canes! Either way, he was not going to go sit on Santa's lap. He grabbed my hand and said "Let's go Mom." 
I talked to him for a little bit and told him that he should go tell Santa what he wants for Christmas. I mentioned a leaf blower (something he's been asking for.) and he said okay, but held my hand while walking towards him. 
The odd thing was, I think Santa was a little thrown off too because he didn't know what to say to Oliver once he was sitting on his knee. I told Oliver to tell him what he wanted for Christmas....Oliver proceeded to tell him in the quietest voice ever...
"A leaf blower and Lego's." 

The following are the pictures that proceeded....they make me laugh....
Finally...a decent one....
but don't you think that green is killing the picture!? 

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