well hello...

So..here we are. December. 
The last month of 2013. 

For me, this year has gone by in a flash. I feel at times that I am struggling to soak everything up and retain it for future memories but such is life right? I will have to save my reflections of this year for another post. 

Let's talk Thanksgiving break shall we? 
I sort of took an unexpected break and well for good reason...
This happened the day before. 
My little guy has been under the weather for weeks...if not more then a month. He started with a stuffed up nose, then a runny nose that lasted for two weeks. I took him to the doctor and he had a bacteria infection so he was put on some meds. Well the day after, he started to have a cough. This cough developed into something so deep, it made me cringe every time I heard it. Like most parents, I would have been happy to take whatever he had just so he could be healthy again. 
I called the doctor and they told me to give it a couple days. ugh. 
Finally on Tuesday night, he broke out with a high fever and that was enough. We took him in the next morning. He was wheezing and had to have a breathing treatment. He was such a champ, my brave boy! 
He was put on different medicine which helped him quite a bit! :)
showing me his sticker from the doctor's office...
my little turkey.
on Thanksgiving Day..

We went to my Aunt Susie's house for a delicious turkey dinner that we celebrated with my uncle, cousin and his sweeter then sugar girlfriend! It was a great night! 

We had every intention on getting up early for some black Friday shopping. Unfortunately, O woke up at the wee hours of the morning and when we finally did get up the next morning...I was pretty darn sick.
So we stayed in and enjoyed the deals online. :)

Serious hat hair...and looking years older then 3. sigh.

The rest of the break was spent taking it easy, watching Christmas movies, planning our month and
 enjoying all our Christmas decorations in the new house...

which I plan to share more pictures with you this week. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! 
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