Happy Lunar New Year!

Today marks the first day of the Korean Lunar Calender. This will be the first year that we celebrate this holiday and I am so excited because our local MPAK chapter along with a local Korean church has invited us to come celebrate with them tomorrow. 

Korean New Year is typically a family holiday. You get to wear your (beautiful) hanboks, eat the traditional new year soup called Tteokguk and children bow to their elders wishing them luck in the New Year. Children usually get new year's money from their parents, which we will be doing for Oliver tomorrow at the event. I will be making this money envelope that I found on pinterest. The church has put together a really fun celebration and will teach the children how to bow to their elders, hopefully Oliver will want to learn this tradition. :)

This year is the year of the Horse.

They say, if you are born in the year of the horse, 
you are known for "being confident, loyal, strong-willed, friendly and intelligent." 

Some famous people who were born in the year of the Horse are: 
Jerry Seinfield
Jim BelushiDenzel Washington
Ron Howard
Jackie Chan

If you'd like to make some lanterns like we did, 
you can follow these super easy instructions that I got here

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