project highland

sorry for the late post, yesterday was a bit chaotic and before I knew it, it was late and I was beat. 

Before the holidays, I had to select exterior paint colors for a new construction project I'm working on. The house is a two story craftsman that is situated up on a hill surrounded by one and two story bungalows that are original to the location. When I was asked to select these colors, the first thing I did was visit the location. I drove up and down the street and checked out the existing homes that would be surrounding this new one. I looked at the architecture, took note of the colors that were used and took pictures so that I could check back if needed. There were reasons for this, once the house is finished, it will be put on the market. I want this house to have a connection with the neighborhood and not stand out like a new construction thumb. Meaning, I wanted the house to complement the neighborhood. I also did not want to replicate any of the colors that were already used, after all this house will be going on the market and does need to stand out, in a good way, to that potential buyer.  The colors on this particular street were subdued, various shades of greens, grays and a few random blues and golden yellows. 

Once I got home, I started looking through my paint decks at ideas. I also looked at some inspirational pictures I have saved over time. I decided this two story home needed to have some depth, so I chose a green gray color for the majority of the house. It's a Benjamin Moore color called Iron Gate. I decided to go darker because this two story home is situated up on a hill overlooking the street. It needed to have some depth so that it doesn't just blend in with the surroundings. 

Since the house is being built in an older established part of town, I didn't want to just pick two colors for the exterior. I wanted the house to have some character and depth that an original Craftsman would. So I went with two colors on the window areas. I selected a cool white color for the house trim called Cloud Cover and for the window sash, a deep rich brown-black called Dragon's Breath. Both are Benjamin Moore colors.  
The house is being painted this week and I'm eager to see how it all turned out. I'll snap a picture once it's completed. 

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