all a flutter...

We recently picked up our (6) newly framed calender prints 
and b took the time to hang them in our breakfast room. He really did all the work, the measuring, hammering and all the leveling to make sure they were equal all around.  Thanks b! 
As I mentioned before, I got the prints framed at Kings Home Furnishings.
 I went in thinking that I would do white on white (white frame with white mat board), simple, clean, not too fussy. However, once I got there and placed a white mat board with a painted white frame on one of the prints, it all turned drab and dirty. Eww..not the look I was going for. 
I am not a fan of colored mat board, never have been. I feel it really limits you. 
So I ended up choosing a double mat that was linen and a smidgen of white
 along with a high gloss white frame. 
I think the whole framing process took less then a week! The quickest I have ever had anything framed!  When we brought them home and started hanging them, I noticed a small marking on one of the frames and immediately contacted them to let them know. All I had to do was bring that frame in and in a matter of 10 minutes, it was fixed! Amazing customer service! 

 I am loving how they look in the breakfast room and honestly I wish we had three more so I could add them to the grid. I think that would look amazing but I am really happy with the six we do have! 

One small project down, now we need some window treatments and maybe a small round rug? Oh and I will be so happy when we can get rid of that hunky booster seat...soon...very soon. :)
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