project durand bathroom

The other day, I took my client to a tile showroom to look for her master bathroom.
We had talked a little bit about what she wanted her tile to look like and 
she mentioned that she wanted the tile to be warm but not dark and not too "trendy".
First things first, I pulled a couple marble pieces to show her and was happy to see they had a Calcutta Gold sample (shown above).
I love Calcutta because it has a mixture of cool grays and warm taupes along with 
bright whites to make them both pop. Plus it looks beautiful with wood, which I hope to use for her vanity finish.
My client loved it! We decided we would use the Calcutta for the flooring but in a hex pattern.
We turned our attention to the shower, we wanted to keep it simple but not boring.  After a little bit of browsing, my client fell for a warm taupe tile that had a simplistic petal pattern. 
When paired with the Calcutta Gold, it captured the warm tones of the marble. They looked beautiful together. Now we just needed to find the rest of the shower tile.  
  Next to the decorative tile, we both agreed that the larger subway tile in a running bond was nice.
We just needed to figure out how we wanted the decorative tile to be used along with the subway tile.
The showroom had this sample on display which showcased the decorative tile my client liked. It was really pretty but we felt like the decorative portion would be too much for her shower.
Below that sample was this one.  
 It incorporated the larger subway tiles we liked (we would order them in white) but it also had a smaller version of the decorative tile she originally liked surrounded by a chair railing and liner bar which we both agreed would be a better proportion for her shower walls. 
At the end of the meeting, we found our tile!
A mixture of warm and cool, soothing and classic. 
Now onto the drawings...
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