weekend recap

You might have noticed that my posts for the past two weeks have been a little sporadic...it's been a little crazy around here. Before I was trying to get everything ready for my trip and last week I was playing catching up. I also picked up two new clients in the past two weeks (Wahoo!!) and one of my current projects is going full steam ahead. This project is a lot more intense then previous projects, in a good way but I have to stay on top of things since it's just me otherwise I could fall behind...
and that's not a good feeling. 

On Friday, I took one of my clients to Scott"s Antique Market to look around and get a feel for what she liked and didn't like. I love when my client and I have a similar taste! We were drawn to these two mirrors (above) for her master bathroom. They would look perfect with the arch 
that will be sheet rocked over her vanity.
These rugs were amazing and my client fell for the one in the middle.
There were so many options that would work with her living room unfortunately they were 
only offered in smaller sizes, but aren't they beautiful? 

I was really looking forward to the weekend, since I had been gone the week before. 
 I was excited about having some time with my boys. 
Oliver has started something new in the last month that I adore!
 It makes my heart melt every time. 
Saturday and Sunday mornings, b goes upstairs to get Oliver out of bed and before he can open the curtains in O's room, O has a book in his hands heading for the stairs. As O walks down the stairs he yells "Hi Momma!" or "Good Morning Momma!". He proceeds to come to into our room to my side of the bed and gets real close to my face and smiles while saying "Momma." After we say good morning, he climbs over me and gets under the covers to read me his book. 

Saturday morning, we walked down to the donut shop and the boys got their apple and chocolate donuts. The weather was so nice that we ended up staying outside until almost lunch. After O was down for his nap, I headed to my second acupuncture appointment. I was really looking forward to this all week! I'm addicted! Once I got back and O was up from his nap, we decided to take advantage of the 
spring like weather and walked up to the square for dinner. 
After we stuffed ourselves with sushi, the weather was getting a little cool 
so we went across the street for some hot chocolate. 
Doesn't he look so grown up here? 
b surprised O with some whip cream on his cocoa! 
Oliver was in chocolate and whip cream heaven! 

On Sunday, I started working on Oliver's life book. He's been talking more and more about Korea, not necessarily asking questions but saying things that has made me think he's going to be interested in more details in the near future. While I was with my friend Kris in Sedona, she mentioned that she was working on a life book for her oldest son and gave me the name of the program that she was using. 
I have to say, I am pretty impressed with it!
 I worked on it for a few hours on Sunday and made great progress. There's still a lot to do with it and b is helping me with the details but I am really looking forward to showing O his book!! 

I have another busy week ahead of me so have a wonderful Monday! 
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