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Wow, I might just become an photography junkie! 
Yesterday, I had my first photo shoot, well it wasn't the first photo shoot I've been on. 
I have actually been on quite a few shoots but this one was different, it was all MINE. 
I hired the photographer, I styled the shots (eeks!) and I am the one who 
worked with the photographer to get what I wanted. 
It was such a great experience and I learned so much from the day.
 It also helped that the photographer was really open to hearing what 
I wanted and was so easy to work with.  
I have to admit that I was really nervous the night before the shoot, I felt really overwhelmed by everything. 
I wanted to get five rooms photographed and 
that meant that I personally needed to style them all. Styling a room for a photo shoot is very different then styling a room that you live in day in day out. The camera captures things differently. It's hard for me to explain but from my experience it's nice to have a variety of items to be able to pull from if something you thought would work, doesn't. The most stressful for me was actually having those specific items to pull from. I didn't want to go out and buy a ton of things but also didn't want to pull everything from my own personal collection. That would have been time consuming and I don't have that type of time. So I ended up doing a mixture of my personal items along with some new things (besides flowers and food).  
I know that with each shoot I have, I will learn more and really get a feel for what works and what doesn't. I am honestly really happy to have this experience under my belt so that I don't have that crazy overwhelming (what the hell am I doing?) feeling again. I am so ready for the next one! 
I seriously was thinking of all the projects that I have completed in the past year or so and which ones I wanted to get photographed next. It's kind of like a rush and so rewarding!  
I wouldn't have been able to do it all if it weren't for my sweet b. 
Really, he shopped with me the night before and helped me figure out some props and then went with me the next morning to get the rest. He carried all the bags and boxes of food, flowers and accessories into the house we were shooting, he helped me style some of the rooms and cut the flowers for the vases. He took O for the day so that I could just be 100% there. 
He was (is) the best! 
I wouldn't have been able to get everything done in time and I certainly wouldn't have felt 
as relaxed the day of if he wasn't at my side. 
Thanks my b!

Typically as a nice (and a thank you!) gesture, you leave the flowers and food (if they want them) 
behind for your client to enjoy them. 
My client was out of town on spring break, so that meant that
all the flowers and food I used as props came back home with me.
I have the most amazing Bells of Ireland sitting by my kitchen sink 
and they smell SO divine!

So there you go, that's what I was up to yesterday! Hope your week is going well! 

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