weekend re-cap

Saturday was our 2nd family day!
It's hard to believe that 2 years have gone by!  
Since the 12th is a very special day for us, we like to fill it with lots of presents and fun activities. 
For breakfast, the boys ran to the donut shop and brought back some goodies to eat. Oliver loves donuts!
After everyone had eaten, O got to open his first special gift. 
It was a Pororo bath toy that we had been saving for this day.
 (In Korea, Pororo is very popular, similar to Mickey Mouse here.)
Last year, Oliver received a Pororo police car which he still plays with so it's become a tradition.
This year, we decided to take Oliver to Legoland. In the past six months, he's gotten into Legos and has a couple sets that he plays with. This was our first time so we weren't sure how busy it would be or how long we would be there. The set up is nice, Oliver enjoyed seeing the mini Lego city of Atlanta and pressing all the buttons that make sounds. He loved the ride where you get to "shoot" the bats and spiders. Once we were in the large open area, b took him on the wizard ride. 
They loved it! I think O will be ready for Disney next year!! 
 We made a car to go down the ramp but it was starting to get busy so we didn't get to do this for long. 
The 4d movie was about to start so we headed to the theatre. At first, O was okay with the glasses and the darkness but once we got sprayed (gently) with water, O was done. He did not like the water! ha!
 So we went back into the large play area and played with Legos. 
I asked Oliver if he wanted to ride the wizard ride with me and of course he said yes. :)
When we were done, he didn't really want to play any more but did ask to ride the skeleton ride again. By that time, we had been there for an hour and felt we had pretty much done everything there was to do so we headed for the gift shop. Oliver got to pick out a Lego dump truck and digger 
which he was very happy about! 
We asked O what he wanted for lunch and he said PASTA!! 
Oliver loves noddles, mac n cheese and cheese ravioli. 
He would be happy to have this for lunch almost every day.
So he headed to Figo and ate outside. 
The weather was perfect! After lunch, we headed home so that Oliver could take a nap while we worked on some house projects. When he got up, we gave him the rest of his special gifts. 

Oliver is a big Jungle Book fan. He loves the songs and will sing them when he's playing. A couple weekends ago, we were at a Disney store and noticed they had this stuffed King Louie (Oliver did a story at school and used King Louie as a character to his story.). B and I knew that we had to get O the stuffed King Louie! As you can see from the above picture, Oliver loved it! He slept with it all weekend 
and even wanted to take it to school today. 
We had a little time before we would walk up to the square for dinner so Oliver got to play with his new toys for a while and b got to play with  put together a small Lego kit he bought from the Lego store. 
Once it was done, he gave it to O to put it on his shelf since he's a little too young to play with it now.
 Oliver thought it was funny, I did too. 
For dinner, Oliver requested sushi so that's what we got. We sat outside again which was so nice! The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect. I really wanted to be outside every day...all day. 
When our bellies were full, we walked over to the Yogurt Tap and finished our special day with ice cream, chocolate of course! 

Happy Monday!
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