weekend recap

Saturday was a work day for me. I had a mid-morning meeting with a client and the architect to wrap up some details then I headed over to another client's house to take photos and measure a space for future cabinetry. I stopped by the house to see the boys and then was off to the mall to take a look at some fabric at Pottery Barn. 
My client is going to use this chair...
in her family room and this one..
in her formal living room. 
While I was there getting fabrics for these two chairs, I walked by these stripe panels...I LOVE stripes...really it's an obsession! 
I was thinking of maybe using the navy ones in my foyer. 
We have side lights on our front door that look right into our bedroom...
and we can't stand it! So there will be curtains in our foyer one day very soon!
Once I was done at Pottery Barn, I did a quick stop at the Bobby Brown counter to get this lip gloss in buff and this blush in tawny before heading to another job site. 
This was the first time that I got to see the paint colors that I selected and I was so so pleased with them. I also was really excited to see the kitchen cabinets and the master bathroom floor. It's going to be such a beautiful house once it's completed. The house will be put on the market in a month or two and I am really excited to see how it does. While I was there, the countertop installer told me that he thought the house would be a quick sell. *fingers crossed!*
He told me that he loved how it looked and really wanted to know the color of the kitchen cabinets.
Lucky for him, I was the one who selected the color. :) 
He said he wanted to use it for cabinets in his own home. Love that!
*I'll share the colors I used on this house later this week.*
The realtor of this house (and my friend) met me at the site to do a walk through. 
We have very similar taste so it's always fun to walk through a project with her. 

I met up with my boys closer to dinner and since it was such a beautiful day out, 
we decided to walk to the square for dinner. 
Spring this year has been A-mazing. 
The colors are gorgeous and the weather has been perfect. 
We can actually enjoy this season unlike some other ones where it gets too hot too fast. 
I'm trying to take it all in and enjoy it. 
Sunday was a cold and drab day. 
b left early in the morning to catch a flight to a job site which meant it was just me and O. 
I honestly just wanted to stay in bed all day, but we went to a bookstore and then did a little shopping.
 I didn't feel like making dinner so we picked up some food from one of our new favorite places. 
O loves their steamed veggie dumplings and I love the GF veggie fried rice with tofu. Yum! 

O has Spring Break this week. We already made mental notes for next year that we need to plan ahead and get out of town so that we can enjoy some down time. Since we are staying home, we have some fun activities planned so it should be a pretty fun week!  

Hope you all have a happy monday!
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