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I never intended not to blog for a week?? Well I'm hereto finally catch up. I figured I would share some pictures that I have taken the last week or so, which I have to admit, I have not been taking that many pictures either. Honestly, I haven't been blogging, or facebooking or posting too many photos to instagram. Life has just gotten busier which means I have to prioritize things and the blog and other social media sites have kind of fallen to the sidelines. 

With O finishing school and my design projects picking up (some coming out of a long slumber), I had to find a sitter for O. This process was very hard for me and I actually didn't want to do it. I hated the thought of someone else caring for him at home besides myself or b. I had to come to terms with things, one of those was that I would not get anything done during the day if I did not get help. Also O was used to going to school and being cared for by his teachers for a few hours so this would be similar, the only difference, it would be at home. Well I found a sitter and I am happy to say that O is very pleased with her! It has been a tad hard for me though, I have been the one reading him books, playing with him outside, taking him to the park and the square, helping him with his puzzles and so forth for over two years. There have been a few stray tears and call or two to b about it all but after seeing him today, singing and laughing,
I know I made the right choice, for both of us. 
Before the sitter started, we did some of our old favorites like going up to the square to see the statue, driving over to the small park by our old house and walking the PATH to check out the train bridge 
(we scored a visit from a train!). 
I have been doing a few things to our house like recently, I had the very talented Kristen Davis paint my powder room! I am in love with it! She did such a great job. There are some things that I need to do to it before I show the rest of the room like art, a new mirror and a few accessories....
until then enjoy the sneak peek.  
On Mother's Day weekend, b took me and O to West Elm where we found tons of these wire terrariums filled with beautiful succulents and instantly I knew I wanted to get one for our dining room. I had bought a few succulents a week prior so I just bought the terrarium and filled it myself. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. 
I also threw in three of these adorable dipping bowls. The following week, I went to Pike's and picked up three tiny succulents and planted them in the dipping bowls. I love how they turned out (this picture was taken before I planted them), it's just what my window needed. 
As for my design projects, one is in full demo mode right now which is super exciting! 
Soon, this will be a beautiful bedroom with built-ins on either side of that gorgeous window and this area below will be a peaceful master bathroom with a custom vanity area and walk-in shower. 
Another project of mine is a kitchen face lift where we are painting the existing cabinetry, adding new hardware, a new countertop with a sink and faucet as well as removing the existing country styled backsplash.
 After looking at a number of options, my client chose this simple white subway tile in a herringbone pattern. Love it! 
I've also been shopping for fabrics lately. It's for a project of mine where we are furnishing their whole house.   I so loved these patterned linens, we aren't using them on this particular project but I would like to use the for a future one! 

Well that's about it...that's what I have been up to. I hope with our new schedule, I will be able to get back to my blogging regularly but please bare with me, it's a work in progress!
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