schools out!

Yesterday was Oliver's last day at preschool.
 Can't believe he's already finished his first year of school! It's amazing when you have children just how fast the months fly by. Oliver has a couple weeks "off" until summer school starts in June. 
He loved school so much that we felt he would enjoy the summer program. You could always tell he was missing school if he was out for more the a couple days. He got along with all the kids in his class and would come home talking about how he played with "All His Friends". :)   
 His excitement has only confirmed to b and I that we made the right choice to send him to school. 
I'm so proud of him!
When I picked him up from school yesterday, his teachers who told b and I that they loved having him, both gave him a hug and told him they would miss him. I truly believe they will. He talks about them all the time and tells me things they do and say in the classroom. 
It's super sweet to hear him gush over his classmates and teachers. 
My little guy is growing up...fast and I am not too happy about it. As b said the other day, "I like him little." He won't be little for long, he's already grown out of his shoes from the fall and his jeans started to look like puddle jumpers this spring. Sigh...
Oh and in case you forgot what he looked like on the first day of school, here is a little flashback...
My little munchkin!
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