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Something that I've been thinking a lot about is our backyard, well scratch that, our yard in general but that would make for a really long post so I'll narrow it down to the backyard. This Spring, b purchased a new grill and we've been happily making dinner and sometimes lunch outside. It's been really nice except that we have to drag our table and chairs out of the garage every time and set them up on the drive way. 
We currently do not have much of a backyard since our garage and driveway take up about 90% of it. 

What we want to do is demolish our current garage and rebuild it in a new location on the property allowing us to remove the horrible deck that sits between the current garage and our house. Taking both of these items out of the equation would allow us to have a decent size backyard for a patio of some sort and a grassy play area. 

I've been imagining this area for a long time but much more now that we are actually eating outside. I have a ton of ideas and will eventually weed them down but there is no need to do that now since all of this won't take place for at least 2-3 years from now...we have to pace ourselves you know...

For now I just compile all my ideas in a neat little folder on my computer. 

One things for sure, I want it to be comfortable and relaxing...
with a good amount of seating for both lounging and eating. 

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