little snippets

tiles..tiles..and more tiles. 
new pillows for the sofa.
blues and greens added to my kitchen window. 
adding more storage to the studio.  
my sweet boys took me shopping on Saturday and then delivered these beautiful flowers to me on Mother's Day.

My heart wanted to burst into a million pieces when my sweet boy came running into my room on Sunday,
  yelling "Momma, Momma, open this!" "It's for you!"
He was so proud of the card that he had in his hands and could not wait for me to see the drawings he had done on the inside or the "I Love You" that his Appa helped him write on the back.

I love my silly boy and that incredibly big heart of his.

He's everything I ever wanted in a child and so much more.

 I feel so very lucky to have been chosen to be his momma
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