*piggie & pony*

{i am leaving for indiana tomorrow to visit my older sister and miss v......i'm so excited!!! BUT i realized yesterday that i am going to be visiting with some other little girls while i am there...AND i have nothing to give to them....not very crafty like huh? ....well last night i came up with an idea...all four girls have a good amount of hair...why not make covered button hair ties? so i made each of them a big one for pony tails...and two small ones for piggie tails...}

{of course i couldn't just hand over the hair ties without them being in something...so i whipped up...with the help of b....these cute little red riding hood baggies...i added a snap at the top and a ribbon handle on the side...hopefully i can get some pictures of the covered buttons on those cute little heads! i'll post pictures when i get back next week!! have a great labor day weekend!}

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