*my trip back to Indiana*

{i left on a thursday morning...bright and early! it was just an hour flight thank goodness. i picked my seat ahead of time...always a window seat...i got really lucky this flight...i say this very sarcastically...the person that sat next to me was four times the size i was (no joke!) and even scooting right up to my nice small window...we still managed to touch shoulders....so i emphasize...thank goodness...it was only an hour long flight. since i was up against the window...i got to REALLY enjoy my view. lucky for me it was rather beautiful as you can see it was like an ocean of clouds!}
{cara, my older sister picked me up at the airport with v and the two kids that she watches during the week. the little boy above was cracking me up....he kept saying as we drove back to my sister's house...."i'm gettin dizzy!" i had so much fun playing with them...don't get to do that in lanta}
{v had to show me how she plays in her sand box...she was covered head to toe with sand once she was done playing...she loves that sand box!}
{while i was there we went to dq...i was so craving a "crunch" cone....i think it's a northern or just an indiana thing but growing up we always got crunch cones (vanilla ice cream on a cone that has candy coated nuts and candy sprinkles)...victoria really enjoyed my cone...her mom's blizzard and her dad's peanut parfait....a sweet tooth maybe?}

{as we drove around one day...i noticed in the side mirror that victoria was enjoying the wind...i couldn't catch her on camera...but she did have her tongue hanging out like a dog...it was so funny...i did manage to catch her with her mouth open though.}

{the weather brought back memories...it was the kind of perfect indiana summer weather that i remember growing up with...a gentle cool breeze with the warm rays of the sun keeping you warm...not too cold...not to hot....it was such a wonderful time hanging out with my sister and victoria.

i got to meet some friends of hers that have some of my plum.tree.studio creations...i got to meet her awesome new neighbors and help my sister with some interior ideas...time went by just a little too fast though. saying goodbye was not easy.....of course how could it be when you have a face like that looking back at you?}

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