*snowflakes in atlanta? cont...*

{as apart of victoria's christmas gift...i decided to make her a snowflake t-shirt...very similar to the onesie that i showcased before christmas...one thing i did differently and hadn't done in a long time was to stitch around the applique by hand using floss...as some of you may remember this is what i used to do before i started using my sewing machine. i took the shirt in my craft bag and worked on the hand stitching while i was in the car for 12hrs...it worked out really well...it kept me busy and the stitching enhanced the snowflakes. i was extremely happy with how it turned out but did not get to take my normal "display" pictures of the shirt before it was given to her...so you will not be able to see my "handy" work but here are pictures of victoria modeling her new shirt...

i will be working on some snowflake shirts today and tomorrow for my shop...stay tuned...if you are interested and have a particular size that you would like...let me know...}

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