*closet clairification*

{i received an e-mail this morning regarding my latest post...*let the demo begin*....it seems i did not explain what we are putting in place of the original standard closets...okay so let me explain our plans...we decided that expanding our existing closet into the closed up guest bedroom closet would not give us adequate storage that we needed....let me explain this now...even if we were to put double doors on our wider closet...and an organizer system in the closet...we still had ~24" (12" on each side) of closet that you would not be able to access unless you stuck your head and shoulders into the closet...to us that seemed like a lot of wasted space....and a lot of frustration trying to find something...we decided to demo the existing closet for the reason above....when we started looking at demoing the closets...we realized that we would also gain an extra 900 sq. ft of floor space...to me and b...this was the winner...to fill the empty space that once housed our "standard" closet...we decided to go with a wardrobe system that gave us a ton of customizing options and offered us a way of being organized without having to deal with dead spaces...next up on the purchase list will be three of these wardrobes and all the lovely organizing fittings that come with them....

...so hopefully this will answer any or all of the questions that arose when you read my last post?? ;)}

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