*8 years today...*

{b & i got married...under a gazebo in valparaiso, in a bed & breakfast called inn at aberdeen. we decided to get married outside and have our reception outside as well. we had tents all set up for the reception and we booked the whole inn for weekend so that our wedding party and parents could have a place to stay. it was a great time. even though it rained cats and dogs and we had tornado warnings that evening...we all (grandparents too) danced the night away. to this day, b and i watch our wedding tape each year and laugh at everyone having so much fun. i wouldn't have changed a thing over these past 8 years...it's gotten us to where we are now and i like where we are. i couldn't have asked for a better husband, a better partner in life or a better best friend. b is everything that i ever wanted and more. happy anniversary b.}
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