*lazy dog day*

{this is noah...he spends his day laying in the same room or close to the same room as me...since i was posting something on etsy yesterday...he had to lay close to the office...the hallway.
(side note: this is the only part of the house that has carpet! i hate this...there is no wooden floor underneath this area of the house...so as of right now we are stuck with carpet in just the hallway....to me...it's just plain dumb...can you tell i hate the carpet??).
i had just washed the inside liner of his dog bed and noah is the type of dog that loves a good pillow....always has been.
(another side note: the exercise ball in the door way is our version of a "baby" gate. to keep the dogs out of the living room....hey why not use what you have...right?...it works!)
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