*beads = fun!*

{do you remember these types of beads?? did you ever make necklaces out of them? we used to play with these when we were little and we would make brackets, necklaces and oh...remember the barrettes with wrapped ribbons and beads? ah...such fun.}

{well i had a flash back when i was in nashville a couple weekends ago. our friend's daughter had gotten a small bag of these from her sunday school class. so during church, she put together a necklace with a ribbon that was also in the bag of beads. AND of course, i made a mental note to get some of those same beads when i got back to atlanta. well when i went to Jo Ann's this past friday...guess what was on my list of things to get....these beads! i also picked up the letter cubes too! i felt silly but i was like a kid again..well there really was a reason for getting the beads...not just for my stroll down memory lane but....i had every intentions of sending a portion of these beads to victoria. i knew she would need easy (& fun) things to do while recovering from her surgery (it got rescheduled)...so i thought i would put something small together for her to see what she could do with these beads....and of course to play with them once again...i can't wait to see what she comes up with.}

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