*sad day*

{sue ellen last week...on her favorite shady spot}

{we are sad today. yesterday i got a call from my neighbor, joann, who has been tending to the house next door ever since her mom passed away last march. the house has been in the family since before her mom was born. joann asked if i had seen sue ellen, her mom's calico cat. i had been in and out most of the day so i hadn't...but i told her that i would take a look around the house to see if i noticed her. sue ellen really took to our house after hazel (joann's mom) died last year. i think she was looking for company and even though we have two dogs...she still wanted ours. she would hang out on our cars, under our cars, our front porch...but mainly she loved to lay on our table located on the new deck. we kept the umbrella up most of the time so it provided her with a nice shady safe spot. in just one short year, sue ellen felt like she was "our" outdoor cat too. well after i got off the phone with joann, i took a look out front and checked under the cars, the bushes and in the area that divides our properties....nothing. i went back inside and took the dogs out the back...it was then that i knew something wasn't right. i checked the shed and she wasn't in there but as i rounded the corner from the shed...her beautiful calico colored fur caught my eye. she was in the back area of our yard in the mulch. she had passed away. you know as i was talking to my older sister about sue ellen, she told me that she believes animals go to a spot they feel the most comfortable to die. i hope that is how she felt about our home. sue ellen will be missed from her "second" home.}
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