*the secret*

{so i was getting things ready...as my previous post said...for something that i couldn't tell you about...well i can finally tell you! today i had a meeting with the manager of beehive co-op . if you live here in Atlanta, you probably have heard of it. this is not like any other store...beehive co-op is a store that features select handmade artists....the list of objects they showcase is unbelievable and the items that are featured in their store are beautiful...very easily could buy all of them...type items. well i met with Malene Davis, the manager of beehive...who happens to be an amazingly talented artist herself....she creates beautiful jewelry with her sister...her company is called iram-inal designs....her necklaces are so very yummy! anywho...we talked about beehive and she gave me the tour of the store...then she offered me a spot at beehive!!! yes...in time (i will find out more next week)...i will be selling my plum.tree.studio goods at beehive co-op here in Atlanta! i am beyond excited!! so that is my secret...i didn't want to tell you all because well...it was a secret. haha!! but if you'd like to find out more about beehive co-op and what type of store they are and which artists have booths there....go here to read all about it!! in the meantime...here are some pictures from their website of their store...}

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