*crafy package*

{today i got this in the mail...a large box....
filled with wonderful crafting items from dad and dawn....
some of these items were picked up for me while they took a rode trip
one weekend in Indiana.}

{a doll hair making kit...in which dawn tried out for me and wrote down how she created the appliqued sheep on the vest in the upper left corner. she gave me her tips on what she did...you know you got to love when someone does that for you!! it will help me out when i go to try to make something on my own....}

{5 large spools of bias tape....large spools...aren't these awesome?? i feel so super crafty now!! haha i love them...i need to find a cool spot to show these off! }

{3 large spools of beautiful yarn...it's so beautiful that i started to immediately think of what i could do with it...i will tell you later what i plan to use these for...}

{buttons...lots and lots of buttons...}

{the box was awesome....i love getting crafty gifts like these! thanks dawn and dad for thinking of me!! i will get plenty of use out of all of these items!!! xoxo}

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